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Returning from the Light/Presence


 When I returned from my Near Death experience,there was hard work ahead, to heal and help my wasted body survive and thrive.

How was I going to connect with this body I had ignored, overridden, criticized for not being “perfect” and sometimes hated?

I knew how to talk with animals and Nature but never realized I had forgotten to really communicate with my closest body. To listen not just command.

I knew at a very early age that there was no separation between myself and Nature. But I had become lost in the density and negativity of the World and the illusion of separation.

How was I going to help this body that I perceived had let me down and become sick.

I had to bring forward the gift that was given in the Light, this meant releasing of the Illusion of Separation and share this awareness with others. We are intricately and lovingly connected with our fellow humans, the Earth and all her peoples, our Solar System and Galaxy. When we realize just how immense we really are, we can shed the illusion of separation that has kept us trapped and fearful.

I had to dig deep to know how to heal, or at least acknowledge the harsh feelings and judgements from a lifetime of misunderstanding this amazing “being” I had teamed with, my dear body, my beloved, in this incarnation.

It was essential to begin this dialogue with love just as I did with animals,  the Earth, trees, the elements and buildings.

The beginnings of true awareness emerged, around the autonomy of this human being. This divine physical creation called body, that I , the soul, was interwoven with in matter, mind and spirit. Yes, we were separate but one.

As I really listened to my body, choices were made to combine integrative medicine, naturopathy and herbs to help minimize the negative effects of chemo. These options boosted the good effects of chemo. while minimizing the destructive effects.

This truly was a conversation between Heaven and Earth. Matter and Spirit both divinely created to dance a dance of partnership and love, for this exquisite lifetime.

Surviving and thriving

 So now what?

I had this revelation….. and now, how was I, how were we, going to continue to live?

 Listening and honoring was needed to completely heal and rebuild my wasted body.

Juicing and medicinal teas, Reiki, Theta Healing, The One Command, acupuncture and Qui gong, became part of my regime. I moved forward by listening to my body’s innate wisdom and guidance.

Upon return from the Light/Presence I was gifted  with a deeper knowledge of the multidimensional connections we have, with each other, our environments and our dear Planet and all her peoples.

And our closest partners, our bodies, our true soulmates.

These connections are awe-inspiring and banish the illusion of separation we humans have been burdened with for too many centuries. The wounds of this separation belief have been immense and costly to us and to our Planet.

I returned with a mission to fulfill, to spread the message that we have choice in every moment of our lives. And yet me must surrender to the flow of life and Spirit, the grand dichotomy.

And that we are not alone, ever, even in what we perceive as death.

Within days of this near death experience (NDE) I was on my laptop (that had to be propped on pillows, as I was too weak to lift it) researching the source of each the chemotherapy drugs that were still being administered.

With research, the closer I came to the sources with protective patents around the pharmaceuticals, the more I knew survival wasn’t possible with these poisonous chemicals unless they were befriended. And this seemed the best way to begin.

What I now realize is that in befriending the source plants,  an alchemical process was created,  nectar from poison.

The ill effects of the chemotherapy lessened considerable, my hair started to grow back,  gained weight steadily and in my internal mind and body’s eye, I saw the tumor on my pancreas disappear.

I began a dialogue with the cancer itself and realized it had a consciousness and a life force of it’s own. It told me it was a virus. I told it to leave my body. Transmute.

Looking deeply at the choices that had made on so many levels,  I realized how these too led to the cancer and took responsibility for those choices.

Today, I continue to celebrate each day.

And even though I have challenges in my life, the dialogue with my beloved body and everything and everyone around me , continues to bring immense joy, celebration, partnership, awe and most importantly peace!


Namaste, Maureen

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