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Maureen studied interior architecture/ architecture at the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture and graduated in 1990 with a five year, professional degree. She has been involved with and been teaching green and sustainable design , construction and consulting for over 25 years in the US, Canada and Europe.  Maureen has also been involved with design and construction since a teenager.

An author, teacher and green design consultant, Feng Shui ( Gaiamancy™) Master,  she was previously President of Solaris Development Corporation, a green and sustainable development firm, and was the Principal in her own green architectural design firms since 1989. Maureen has an interdisciplinary Masters degree ( M.A.I.S) in Adult Higher Education and Traditional Ecological Knowledge from Oregon State University.

Maureen has combined her knowledge of green and sustainable design and residential, commercial and industrial construction and her extensive knowledge of MultiCultural feng shui ™ and geomancy with what she has coined, since 1993, as Gaiamancy ™. She first learned of feng shui through a Qui Gong master teacher in 1989. She applied the principles she learned through Qui Gong as applied to our bodies, to the buildings she was designing for her architecture and design courses.

Maureen studied for many years with shamans, masters and elders worldwide, before she became a Multicultural feng shui practitioner in 1990.  She studied sustainable building materials and processes while on her travels for her books and classes. Her books on feng shui and green living are in 8 countries and 6 languages worldwide.

Feng shui is a science that is over 5000-years-old, originally a Taoist discipline that attends to the movement of natural and unnatural energies within our natural world. This is a practice and science that has over 5 millennia of empirical data to back up it’s validity in our modern world.

Maureen came to realize, in her studies of spiritual traditions and sustainable living around the world,  that every culture has a form of “feng shui” some written like the Vastu Shastra of the Hindu faith and philosophy and but that many were not in written form but oral traditions.

In Maureen’s work with architectural design, feng shui principles are best represented by the Black Hat form of Chinese feng shui. The bagua, is a template derived from the I Ching, a form of divination based on our interconnectedness with all things animate and inanimate. Quantum physics,  Maureen soon realized, depicted this interrelationship via the spaces between, the “quarks,”  the so called Empty space scientist have now come to recognize, which form the source of life. The metaphysical cosmology presented in this philosophy of physics opened the door to new ways of considering space, time and the universal “laws”  She was delighted to find a recognition in contemporary Western physics, as in ancient Eastern Taoism, that out of the pregnant “void” issues forth the fabric of life, that there is an ongoing dance of interdependence between matter and spirit, and that we are all a part of one another and of everything around us.

Gradually,  over the years while studying forms of geomancy worldwide, her design practice expanded to encompass Celtic and Native American perspectives and many others. Her initial purpose was to integrate models that would work for her clients who could not identify with the Chinese bagua. As it turned out, deriving knowledge from these forms enlivened her connections with her ancestors. She also came to realize, while studying “indigenous” architecture and spiritual practices that though there are many intact indigenous teachings the truth is, we are all indigenous on this lovely Planet and can tune in to the wisdom of our unique ancestry for guidance.

Multicultural Feng Shui encourages us to view individual spaces as part of a whole.  That whole, represented by an overlay, can be:

  • The traditional Chinese bagua, which is built on the eight trigrams of the I Ching, as well as the elements, colors and directions.
  • The Native American medicine wheel, which is mapped out according to the directions and elements, but also incorporates the seasons of nature, times of day, animal people, moon seasons, life stages, and life paths.
  • The Celtic wheel, which is arranged in accordance with the compass points and honors the elements and facets, or pathways, of human life. It also commemorates festivals of the year, magical gifts, sacred animals, and trees.
  • Other cultural patterns and symbols can be used, also

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