Interspecies Communication and Conversation: Classes, Webinars , PractitionerTrainings

 Conversations with Heaven and Earth Programs™

Webinars, Classes 3-6 month Programs and Practitioner Trainings:  for you and your clients living a deeply connected  and expanded  life.

Maureen, also offers personal, one on one,  in depth 3-6 month programs.

Feng shui/Gaiamancy  trainings are also offered.

Maureen has connected  with 1000’s of people, through radio ,TV  appearances, workshops, classes and guided tours to swim and commune with dolphins and whales.

 Her award winning books Gaiamancy & Multi-Cultural feng shui. have been published in 6 languages in the US, Canada, across Europe, India and S. America, Portugal, Japan, 6 languages, 8 countries

MCFS cover Maureen helps people connect to their environments, built structures, habitats & Nature through permaculture and environmental, architectural design.

  And she assists and guides her students into deep connection by teaching interspecies communication.   

Maureen has been consulting and coaching for over two and a half decades.

Her insights and tools have helped and inspired  clients and students  to solve problems , break through blocks and thrive through practical solutions and real, sustained growth and transformative change.   

Client testimonials
“From the moment I engaged with Maureen, I felt wrapped in a warm and gentle cocoon of energy that held me safely whilst I was guided to explore myself more deeply.
I was taken on a journey of self-revelation, that enabled me not only to appreciate hidden information that had eluded me until then, but also provided me with valuable tools with which I could continue this exploration after our session.
Maureen’s powerful insight shed light on my real issues, as opposed to my ‘presenting’ issue, as she skillfully guided me to uncover and examine this more deeply.”
I would strongly recommend Maureen’s wisdom, skills and unique approach for anyone intent on discovering and connecting with more of who they truly are and/or who they may aspire to become more of in their lives.”
 Caroline R
I wanted to thank you once more. I hope that you realize how much your gift of knowledge about heaven/the light and your very specific answers to my questions have comforted me every day. I printed them out to keep forever. It is this experience that you shared– in specific– that literally keeps me going every day…
Karen S     US

“First home ever using Feng Shui from the ground up while it’s being built! Thank you to Maureen, our amazing Intuitive + Green Consultant + Feng Shui Master and much much more for suggesting we put rocks in the walls according to the Bagua! “

Debby E    US


Here’s a sampling of the tools, healing techniques and spiritual practices you will experience and learn through:

  • Personal, individualized, coaching/consulting sessions:
  •  The 90 day , 6 month and 1 year programs are designed for those clients who have a strong commitment to change, growth, balance and a prosperous and healthy life.
  • There is an application process for the Breakthrough Programs, to ensure that only committed clients, who are truly passionate and dedicated to self-growth and expanded awareness are enrolled.

Here a few of the tools and practices that will be included in the 

Breakthrough Program.

  • Learn tools for transformation and transmutation that you will use in every area of your life.
  •  Learn Theta Healing for instant change.
  • Unlock dormant codes in your DNA for expanded awareness and living.
  • There will be a full VIP Day designed just for you, with personalized, private continuous support with Maureen.
  • Learn to co-create and heal challenges in body, mind and spirit through Intuition and joy.
  • Claim your authority and live an empowered life.
  • Meditation as a tool for healing, peace and transformation


  • Learn to use feng shui  for deep insight and solutions in all aspects of your relationships, career, health and wealth.
  • Working with the Deep Heart energy to access guidance and solutions
  • Transmute drugs, create a healing relationship with traditional pharmaceuticals used for disease.
  • Learn to integrate body, mind and spirit tools to re-balance your physical, emotional and mental bodies to have a thriving balanced life.

Maureen offers speaking engagements, classes, in-person weekend classes and workshops, as well as online classes for those who seek to expand their personal, self-awareness and consciousness.

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